Le Kia Rio

As many of you know, for the past few years I've been driving a Mitsubishi Magna SE, the 1989 Automatic model. Recently, I've been having some trouble with it's transmission, so I've been car hunting and test driving around for a new car, a manual, small hatchback with good fuel economy.

I had test driven the Hyundai Getz, the Holden Barina, the Ford Fiesta, before I visited the local Kia dealer. I test drove the Kia Rio, and was most impressed. Out of the cars I had previously driven, the Getz was easily the best in terms of drive and features. The Rio was as good a drive as the Getz (well, working from memory), it's feature set, while not as rich, was quite decent... and it was two thousand dollars cheaper.

Suffice to say, I traded away my old car for a thousand dollars (twice what Hyundai offered), and I bought myself a new Kia Rio. It's a white hatchback model (they did offer a sedan, but this was actually in the yard, ready to go), and is a very nice little car - included here for your entertainment are photos of the exterior and the interior of my new drive :)

Exterior Shots

Front shot of the new Kia
Back shot of the new Kia
Driver's side of the new Kia
Passenger side of the new Kia
'Brochure Style' shot of the new Kia

Interior Shots

Driver's side of the interior
Passenger's side of the interior
Back seat area
The boot
The CD player and various gadgets
Wheel and dash - shown for true colour

Apologies for the quality of the interior shots - the flash was indeed on. The inside is in fact a much darker grey as seen on the wheel, not the lighter gray it seems on the other interior shots.

So yes, I have a brand new car, registered, insured, and... well, okay, owned mostly by my Credit Union. But nevertheless - she drives very nicely, I think she looks quite pretty (or shiny, as I have been saying a great deal) and I am most happy with her.

Only thing I need now is a nice name. ^_^


June 12th 2006