Our Adopted Cat Elis
and her gorgeous kitties

A little group shot of Elis and her two kittens.

The two little kittens hiding together in the corner of the laundry.

Elis sits on the sink above the kittens.

Elis' two kittens. On the left is Muffin, on the right is Patches (Quilt).

Hi there!

Muffin and Patches try to reach where Elis is sitting.

Muffin and Elis check out the rest of the laundry.

Gracie sits in the middle of the kitty family.

Grace has a cuddle with Patches

Grace and I hold a kitten each - me with Muffin, Grace with Patches.

A portrait of Muffin.

Another portrait of Muffin.

A beautiful picture of Patches

Sadly, after these pictures were taken Muffin, Patches and Elis were picked up by a lady from the local Animal Sanctuary. Since we already have three other cats, we were unable to keep them, and had merely been waiting for the kittens to be old enough to be moved.

Goodbye then, to Elis, Patches and Muffin. You will be missed.